Can I Add a Subwoofer to My Soundbar?

When I first got a soundbar I thought that sound was pretty good. But, I wanted a bit more bass so I thought about getting a subwoofer for it. So, I did some research and put together this helpful article about to explain if you can add a subwoofer to your soundbar.

So, can I add a subwoofer to my soundbar? There are certain soundbars that you can add a subwoofer too automatically. Many soundbars are also sold with a subwoofer. If your Bluetooth or wired soundbar and subwoofer are not the same brands, it requires too much knowledge to connect them.

So, you need to check the compatibility of your soundbar. Below, I will list step by step instructions on how to check if your soundbar can have a subwoofer, as well as, why you want a subwoofer with your soundbar.

How to Check if You Can Add a Subwoofer to Your Soundbar, in Two Steps

1.Find the Manual

You should first attempt to find the manual for your soundbar or subwoofer. The soundbar manual is preferred. It will have information about connecting a subwoofer to it. If you don’t have the physical manual you should check online. You can go to the manufacturer website of your subwoofer or type the model on the browser + manual at the end.

You can even search for the specific model number + user manual pdf. This will bring up the manual in a pdf that you can read. If you can’t find the manual for your specific subwoofer. Then you should email the customer support team for your specific subwoofer or soundbar.

2. Execute the Plan

In the manual, there are probably some small paragraphs that explain the compatibility. It will say only such and such soundbars or subwoofers are compatible the with ‘123 Model Soundbar’ or something along those lines. This means, that you will need to check if the soundbar or subwoofer you have is on that list. If you are still unsure, again, you should check with the customer support of the company that your subwoofer or soundbar is from

Can You Add a Wireless Subwoofer to a Soundbar?

This is possible for compatible models. You should use the above step by step instructions to check if your wireless subwoofer can be added to your soundbar. Each subwoofer and soundbar are unique. Recently, there is a trend towards subwoofer soundbar systems sold as one unit. They run about $200 and provide an improved viewing experience. Some lads, also use them on their desktop computers at home.

Although, you can’t use one on a laptop. Now, there are better places to put a subwoofer in your room.

Where Should I Place My Subwoofer and My Soundbar?

Because every room is unique you want to test different locations for the subwoofer. But, the soundbar should always be placed in a very specific location. Soundbars should always be placed directly in front of you, at about head height.

It is recommended by the leading soundbar manufacturers. It does differ by your specific model, so again, consult the manual that you have for it. It will tell you exactly where to place it. It can be a bit technical, so you should follow their helpful visual guides for your specific model.

The recommended position for the subwoofer most of the time is in one of the front corners. On either side of your screen. It will be at an angle facing where you sit. You should remember not to put anything on top of a subwoofer.

This is because the vibrations will damage and spill anything that is on top of them. This topic has been discussed in full detail here: Can You Put Things on Top of a Subwoofer?. It will explain why you should leave anything on top of a subwoofer.

The distance from your subwoofer to your soundbar is limited by the length of the cord. This is a reason why people choose to go with a wireless connection. There can be latency issues with regards to wireless technology though.

It is also one more thing that can break. Often times, wireless connections last for many years. You should see what the warranty period is on your soundbar and subwoofer especially if they are wireless. In the case of wired ones, you should try to place them out of the way where they won’t get stood on.

A good solution most people use is to run the wires along the walls against the carpet.

Can Subwoofers Go in Cabinets?

The vibrations caused by subwoofers means that you shouldn’t put them in cabinets. If you do, the vibrations will eventually break everything in the cabinet.

This is because of vibration fatigue. It makes things break as the vibrations cause small ripples to go through the material. Like little earthquakes happening a thousand times a second. Although it may make your room less cluttered, a subwoofer is in the entertainment room, where you should have the entertainment at a maximum.

Therefore a little clutter is necessary if you want to enjoy your movies, TV shows, or Netflix to the maximum. It is also really good for fitness-based games that be found on systems like a Nintendo Wii. This can really motivate you when you can’t be bothered to get out to the gym. Additional reasons are explained below for your reading pleasure.

Why Should I Add a Subwoofer to My Soundbar (top reasons)?

The top reasons to get a soundbar are:

01)-Ultra High Definition (UHD) and 4K HD requires it
Soundtrack added to movies now come with subwoofer tracks by default. This means that if you use standard speakers they will bottom out when there are particularly demanding sounds such as explosions.
Action movies have a tonne of these, as well as, kids animated movies, which we all love. You will have to turn down the main volume and this makes the loud sounds not as realistic and immersive.
02)-It increases the life of your other speakers
If you are operating a home theatre system without a subwoofer, the other speakers use more power and vibrate more.
Some speakers are designed to be used with a subwoofer. Home theatre systems and soundbars are designed to be used with a subwoofer to get the best quality sound.
So, if you don’t use one it won’t be as good. It will also wear out your speakers faster. This is because of the way the soundtrack for the movie or tv series is created. It is designed to be split between the subwoofer and the soundbar.
Long story short, soundbars and other home theatre system speakers are designed to be used with a soundbar.
03)-Gaming heaven
If you play video games through your tv and home theatre system, it is the next level. Some people even go as far as designing a horizontal chair like they are in the cockpit of a spaceship. With a subwoofer, you feel like you are in a motion simulator, especially if you combine it with a virtual reality headset (VR).


You can add a subwoofer to your soundbar if they are compatible. The way to check is with the step by step instructions about. They explain how to find and use the user manual for your specific soundbar and subwoofer.

Any soundbar or subwoofer combination that is the same brand are almost always compatible. If you have two that are different brands most of the time you will have to come up with a do it yourself workaround. Which can take a bit of time to learn. This is why most people go with a soundbar and subwoofer combination that is the same brand.


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